•Please provide neat, clear references and/or descriptions.
•Please write in as clear a manner as possible.
•Contact is expected to be maintained for the duration of the commission. If I need to contact you on multiple platforms, please provide the necessary information.
If you fail to maintain appropriate contact (‘ghost’ me) for an extended period of time, I reserve the right to revoke your slot and issue a refund (if contact is ever resumed). Please let me know if there is expected to be a delay in responses or payment.
•I will not do commissions including uncensored nudity (visible genitalia) for clients under 18. Expect to be asked for proof of age if you’re asking about one.
I have the right to decline or cancel your commission if the below terms are violated.*


•Quotes are free. You are more than welcome to ask for one prior to commissioning me.
All commissions must be paid in full before completion. Commissions will remain unstarted, unfinished, and/or undistributed until payment.
•Payment is expected upfront. If you cannot pay the full amount upfront, a payment plan can be discussed.
•All commissions are priced and must be paid in US dollars.

Platforms I use for payment are:


•If wanted or needed, I can provide a WIP and update at almost any time. This is an optimal time to request any changes, especially if the commission is traditional. (See Refund Policy for more)
•Patience is appreciated. Big factors that might get in the way of commission progress are:
-Health complications
-School and/or work
•Estimated timelines can be provided but are not absolute.

Refund Policy

•If payment has already been made, I can refund your payment in full if:
-The commission cannot be completed, or
-The commission has been cancelled
•A full refund may not be issued if the commission has already been finished and distributed. If a refund must be issued for any reason, you will lose ownership rights to the commissioned piece, as discussed in Copyright/Usage Policy.

Copyright/Usage Policy

•I, the artist, hold all rights to the drawing. This means I am allowed to:
-Promote and publish it to any platform
-Claim/maintain ownership of the art itself

•You, the commissioner, are allowed to:
-Use the copyrighted art for personal display
-Claim/maintain ownership of the character(s)
-Print, publish, or promote the art with proper credit given to the artist

•The Following is Considered Copyright Infringement:
-Reproducing the art (tracing)
-Using the art commercially (redistributing the art for profit)
-Altering/removing my watermark or signature